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Published on February 3, 2014,

Since the very first FMF in 2008, the scope and mission of FreeMusic has grown and evolved dramatically. ¬†What began as a one off event with no greater goal than to have a good time and hear some great bands, started a 5+ year adventure that we certainly never expected! FMF grew into something that would take us all year to plan and organize. Finding sponsors, booking talent, licenses and permits, advertising, coordinating artists and vendors, organizing volunteers and the list goes on and on…

Every year was better. Every year got bigger. More bands, more artists. More awesome people filling the park every June to hear some of the best live original entertainment that there was to offer. We won awards, we were mentioned in nationally distributed magazines.. last year’s event even set a park attendance record with over 5000 people joining us for a day of fun!

And FMF quickly became about more than just the music. Not only were we able to showcase the seemingly endless supply of talented original musicians in our area, but we were able to do it as a charity fundraiser too! Throughout the years, FreeMusic Fest has hosted over 100 artists and musicians and has raised over $10,000 for charity!

So it is after great thought and much inner searching that we have decided to no longer throw the annual FreeMusic Fest in Freeland… we believe that we’ve accomplished exactly what we set out to do. For a brief moment in time we created a home for original music in the Great Lakes Bay Region that helped bring all of these talented folks out of the bars and into the sunlight to play for people that would have otherwise missed out. And we were able to give back to the community at the same time..

Another great event is sure to come along and pick up right where we are leaving off, and hopefully that will be soon. But its time for us to move on, as the music of life is calling us in a new direction. Thank you to everyone that helped make this small dream become a huge reality! It wouldn’t have been possible without you.


Festival Founders-

Ben & Heather Cohen